Dental Exams & Cleanings

Your teeth need more than at home brushing and flossing to remain healthy. They also require regular dental exams and cleaning to ensure your smile stays bright. Family Dentistry of New Jersey (FDNJ) encourages our clients to schedule dental check-ups every six months. This form of preventive care helps us find any small problems before they grow into bigger ones.

You can schedule your dental exam or one for your children by contacting our Ramtown, NJ office.

Choose Family Dentistry of New Jersey for Your Dental Exams

Now you understand why getting regular dental care can ease potential problems and give your teeth the deep cleaning and attention they need to remain healthy and function. Why should you pick our practice for dental exams if you live in or around Ramtown, NJ?

Our exceptional team of dentists and hygienists cares about you. We are a patient-first practice that prioritizes your comfort and well-being above all. We consult with our patients to explain possible treatments and outcomes, and together we figure out which one fits with their best interests.

We believe everyone should get the dental treatment they require. You can get treatment at our office whether or not you have insurance. We can finance dental exams and work with you to find solutions to financial concerns.

Schedule an Appointment for Teeth Cleaning at Our Howell, NJ Office

Dental check-ups keep your teeth healthy and strong. Kids and adults should get them every six months. Contact our office today to request an appointment or get more information about our services.


Why Should You Get Regular Teeth Cleanings?

We recommend scheduling regular dental exams for several reasons, including:

  • Detecting cavities: A cavity can begin and grow in just a couple of months. Regular cleanings allow us to find these small problems and address them with a filling, which prevents the cavity from becoming bigger.
  • Monitoring for gingivitis: Undetected periodontal disease presents a painful and serious problem. With regular check-ups, we examine your mouth for signs of gum disease and enlist the assistance of our periodontist, Dr. Samantha Aaron, if necessary.
  • Teaching proper oral care habits: Our dentists can tell when you've been brushing and flossing at home and when you haven't. We're not here to scold you. We just want to help. We can recommend adjustments to your current oral care routine and show you more effective ways to brush and floss, which will keep your teeth in better condition.
  • Providing a thorough cleaning: Even patients with the best dental hygiene habits need an assist. Our excellent team of dental hygienists cleans your teeth thoroughly, ridding them of built-up plaque and tartar that can be difficult to remove even with daily flossing.

We also perform check up X-rays regularly when you get your exams. These show us how your teeth have changed or if there are any areas of concern. We can monitor potential issues and diagnose problems such as cavities. Dental exams also give you a chance to discuss cosmetic or restorative treatment options with our dentists. They can advise you on what procedures are available for your particular concerns.