A dental implant and implant crown can replace individual teeth or support devices such as dentures or fixed bridges. Whether you have decaying, broken or missing teeth, this dental solution can restore the function and health of your mouth.

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Why Do You Need Implant Crowns?

A damaged or missing tooth doesn't just affect your smile — it can also cause various dental issues in the future. Individuals who aren't candidates for fillings or who want a solution other than normal bridges and dentures have a more aesthetically pleasing and functional alternative.

An implant crown, which is made out of either porcelain or resin or a combination of both, recreates the look of your natural tooth. These dental implant crowns are versatile and work well when there's not enough tooth left for a filling. They can also accomplish goals such as:

  • Keeping dental bridges or overdentures from slipping.
  • Providing a safe option for replacing unhealthy, misshapen or removed teeth.
  • Preventing future peri-implant disease or tooth decay.
  • Serving as single-tooth solutions without impacting adjacent teeth.

About Our Implant Crown Service

At FDNJ, our implant and implant crown service will help you get the smile you've been dreaming of. Dental implants are designed to replace an entire tooth or teeth. This even includes the root. Because of this, we install the titanium or titanium-alloy dental implant directly into the jawbone and secure the crown with a screw.

The dental implant usually takes around three to four months to heal and integrate with the jawbone. After this period, we'll add the abutment and crown to complete the restorative process. While our implant surgery often costs more than other solutions, like bridges, this option offers greater peace of mind because there's less of a chance it will affect your other teeth's functionality negatively or cause any damage. With proper care, your dental implant crown will last for many years to come.

Why Choose FDNJ?

Here at FDNJ, our dentists and team are specially trained to provide beautiful, functional implants and implant crowns that look real and last a long time. Whether we are fixing one tooth or multiple, we are committed to being 100% patient-centric. Our team takes the time to create a welcoming environment and learn about your specific needs so that we can improve your oral health.

With our implant crowns, you can take advantage of a dental solution that helps:

  • Improve the appearance of your smile and your confidence.
  • Prevent bone loss by stabilizing the gum area and adding necessary stimulation for bone growth.
  • Keep other teeth stable and in place.
  • Minimize the risk of oral health issues like infections or gum recession.

Individuals without dental insurance can also access our services. We're prepared to tailor financing options to suit your needs for your appointment. Don't allow the absence of coverage to stop you from receiving the implant crowns you need.

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