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Gum Recontouring or Gum Sculpting

Gum recontouring is a dental procedure that improves the appearance of uneven gums. The gum tissue around your teeth is expertly treated to enhance your smile.

Family Dentistry of New Jersey (FDNJ) has over 30 years of experience building people's confidence, one smile at a time. Our highly trained doctors help reshape uneven gum lines with minimally invasive procedures that come with a limited risk of infection.

If you or a loved one is considering gum reduction, get in touch to schedule an appointment or call 732-458-2288.


Understanding the Need for Gum Recontouring

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. If your gums are not symmetrical or are excessive compared to your teeth, it may prevent you from smiling. Cosmetic dental procedures can fix gummy smiles, enhance symmetry and deliver aesthetically pleasing results.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, gum contouring also has health advantages. For example, gums that are too low on your teeth trap food particles, resulting in bacteria buildup. This unwanted bacteria can lead to gum irritation, gingivitis, tooth decay and periodontal issues.

Our Gummy Smile Correction Services

The FDNJ doctors will consult with you to discuss the gum reshaping best suited for you or a family member. Typically you only need one visit to complete gum recontouring.

Our dentists will apply a local anesthetic before using a soft-tissue laser or scalpel to sculpt your gum line. The procedure takes less than two hours and it manages a soft tissue issue with a soft tissue solution that is affordable.

The Benefits of Gum Reshaping

Advantages of using the precise, soft-tissue laser include:

  • Affordable: Soft tissue issue with a soft tissue solution, as compared to attempting to change the look of a gummy smile with crowns or veneers.
  • Minor discomfort and risk: The laser destroys bacteria, minimizing the risk of infection and post-procedure pain.
  • Faster recovery time: The precise laser is minimally invasive, resulting in speedy recovery time and enabling you to resume normal activities the same day as your procedure.

Schedule a Gum Reduction Consultation Today

At Family Dentistry of New Jersey, we are 100% patient-centric, which means we focus on your unique needs. Our specially trained doctors provide expert services to build beautiful smiles throughout New Jersey, including gum recontouring.

Discover the benefits of gum recontouring with FNDJ. Even if you don't have dental insurance, we're here to assist you. We can work with you to set up payment plans for your procedure. Don't let insurance limitations hold you back from exploring the transformative effects of gum reshaping.

If you want to enhance your smile by and are considering gum reshaping, schedule a consultation or call 732-458-2288. We will discuss the details before setting up your gum recontouring procedure.


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