Your daughter's tooth gets knocked out during a soccer game. You notice a filling has come loose in the middle of a business lunch. Your toddler falls down on your patio and chips a tooth. Emergencies often happen at the most inconvenient times. You need a dentist with flexible hours who can make room on the schedule to see you as soon as a need arises.

Our dentist in Ramtown provides emergency care for families with dental issues. Contact us today or call us at 732-458-2288, to book an emergency appointment.


What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

Too often people suffer for days with a dental issue instead of calling our office. They may not feel like their problem is a "real" emergency. Others may believe they can wait out the discomfort until their next six-month check-up. They may not have dental insurance and feel worried about adding an expense.

But when you leave dental problems untreated, they can get much worse. A toothache caused by a cavity can develop into an abscessed tooth that requires a root canal. Emergency dental services are available partly as a precaution, so small issues do not grow larger. Dental emergencies we can treat include:

  • Damaged dental work, such as a missing filling or crown
  • Toothaches
  • Chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • Pain in the gums

We can address a range of dental complaints. Not sure if your situation qualifies as an emergency? Give us a call, 732-458-2288, and let us decide. Describe your symptoms to one of our team members, and they will advise you on whether you need an appointment or not. Chances are the situation would benefit from immediate care.

What Times Do You Offer Emergency Dental Services?

We have some extended weekday hours as well as openings on Saturdays. We also have emergency appointments open every day to accommodate patients who require immediate attention.


    Choose Family Dentistry of New Jersey for Your Emergency

    Our family practice wants to assist you with your dental emergencies as well as other dental care, such as preventive check-ups and cosmetic dentistry. Our patient-first approach centers your needs in every interaction with our practice. We offer later hours on some weekdays to allow working parents time to bring in their kids. We want your trip to our office to feel as relaxed as possible, even when you are dealing with a dental emergency.

    We work with people who do not have dental insurance, too. Lack of insurance should not keep you from getting the dental services you need. We can set up financing options for your appointment. Discuss your financial concerns with us, but don't let them be a barrier to getting the care you need. Emergency dental services can prevent more serious oral care issues from developing.

    Need an Emergency Dentist Near Ramtown & Howell NJ?

    For patients in Howell, NJ, and surrounding areas, Family Dentistry of New Jersey offers emergency dental care you can rely on. Request an appointment today for your dental emergency.

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