Tooth Replacements

If you're missing a tooth or several teeth due to lack of dental care, gum disease, illness, trauma or tooth decay, you may see an impact on your smile and the overall health of your mouth. Fortunately, you can replace your missing teeth with dental implants from Family Dentistry of New Jersey. Schedule an appointment with our dental implant team to start improving your smile today!

How Missing Teeth Can Affect Your Smile

Missing teeth can impact your entire mouth. Some of the top issues you may experience if you have teeth are missing include:

  • Bone loss: Teeth and their roots stabilize your jaw and maintain jaw structure. When you are missing teeth, the jaw can suffer bone loss, causing visible defects like caving in of the face — which can make you look older.
  • Shifting teeth: If you are missing a tooth, the surrounding teeth can move into the opening leading to an improper bite.
  • Embarrassment: Missing teeth can lead to a sense of general discomfort or self-consciousness, even if they're in the back of your mouth.



About Our Tooth Implant Services

We understand everyone has different dental needs, and most people are candidates for a fixed tooth replacement option.

Dental Implants With Crowns or Bridges

dental implant is a metal post that replaces the roots of a tooth or multiple teeth. After inserting the implant, we will place a crown or natural-looking replacement tooth on top. Our natural-looking implant crowns can replace individual teeth or several teeth, restoring the form, function and aesthetics of your smile.

Implant Retained Dentures

If you want a fixed, non-removable denture to replace a complete arch of missing teeth, our dentists will work with you throughout the process to help you choose a tooth shape and color that matches your original smile. Patients who choose implant-retained denture solutions enjoy the confidence of being able to smile, laugh, talk and eat without their dentures slipping out.

They also enjoy better nutrition and health than those with removable dentures. Fixed dentures provide the dental stability to eat more wholesome foods like meats, fresh vegetables and fruit. Since the dentures are anchored into the jawbone like your original smile, you can live without denture adhesives or pastes.

Our Service Benefits

Dental implants are a great alternative to natural teeth and feature designs to look, feel and function like natural teeth to help patients feel more confident in their smiles. You can treat a one-tooth problem with a one-implant solution. In addition to their natural look and feel, dental implants offer excellent long-term value. They are a great investment in improving your oral health. Some additional benefits of dental implants include:

  1. High success rate: Well-planned and cared-for dental implants offer higher success rates than other tooth replacement options. Implant technology is also continually improving, creating even better results.
  2. Improved mouth function: Like natural teeth, implants have an anchor in your jawbone to help preserve the jaw while improving mouth functions such as chewing and speaking.
  3. Restore facial and bone features: Since dental implants help stabilize the jaws by preventing bone loss, they act in preserving natural teeth, gum tissue, tissue and reduce bone resorption maintaining the height of the jawbone.

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