Dental Crowns and Replacements in Howell, NJ

Dentists use dental crowns on patients who cannot get fillings to protect what remains of a tooth or to cap off the site of a dental implant. A crown made of porcelain, resin or both covers the affected area and protects it from further damage. The crown looks like a real tooth and is engineered to fit that area exactly. The dentists at Family Dentistry of New Jersey (FDNJ) can assist you with getting crowns for your teeth.

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How Can a Dental Crown Repair Problems in Your Mouth?

Our dentists use dental crowns in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Over discolored teeth that cannot be whitened any longer
  • On top of a dental implant site, replacing the tooth that used to be there
  • To change the shape of a misshapen or broken tooth
  • For preventing a dental bridge from slipping

A dental crown lasts for many years. When you receive this treatment, you won't have to worry about replacing the crown in a few years. You can feel confident in its sturdiness and durability.

What Happens During the Dental Crown Procedure?

A dental crown covers the entire area where the real tooth used to sit. It will take several appointments to get the procedure finished. Often the tooth the crown will replace has already been removed, either through a dental implant procedure or if it fell out.

The dentist will create a crown that fits perfectly in your mouth in the space left for the tooth. You may get a temporary cap to cover the area until the permanent crown has been created. The dentist will fit the new crown over the top of the implant or the space where the old tooth sat. The dentist will ask you how the crown feels before sealing it permanently.

Caring for your crown includes the usual oral healthcare tips, such as brushing and flossing regularly. Liquids can stain the crown, such as red wine or coffee so you may want to avoid those drinks.


Why Choose Family Dentistry of New Jersey for Your Dental Crowns?

As a patient-centric practice, our main goal is making you happy. We want you to love your new crown. We will discuss every aspect of the procedure with you to ensure you are comfortable. We can also talk about any questions you have about the crown after the procedure, such as how to care for it.

Part of our focus on patient happiness involves providing financing for patients who need it to get a procedure done. We never want a lack of insurance to stand in the way of getting treatments you deserve. Mention any financial concerns you have to us at the outset so we can help you.

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