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What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a treatment option for individuals with missing teeth. These devices create a connection between your natural teeth by inserting a false tooth in between, filling the gap left behind. Dental bridge specialists use healthy teeth on either side that are strong enough to receive crowns that will act as anchors for the new tooth, which is referred to as a pontic.

There are different types of dental bridges, including:

  • Traditional fixed: This design is made out of metal, porcelain fused to metal or ceramics and consists of two crowns and a filler tooth all connected.
  • Cantilever bridge: The pontic only connects to one tooth for this treatment. 
  • Implant-supported bridge: The pontic is secured in its position by implants rather than cemented to healthy teeth.
  • Maryland dental bridge: This resin-bonded bridge has wings that adhere to your teeth. Specialists use this option when you're missing your two front teeth.


When Is a Dental Bridge Necessary?

Several situations can cause missing teeth. Some people lose a tooth through dental accidents and emergencies, while others suffer from gum disease or tooth decay. There are also situations where people are born without some of their teeth due to congenital conditions. No matter how you may have lost your teeth, dental work to create a bridge may be your best solution.

Dental bridges fill in the space created when a tooth is missing. If you don't seek treatment for your missing tooth, you may experience problems such as difficulty chewing, trouble speaking or deterioration in your jaw. You may also experience a drop in confidence due to the impact on your smile.

Dental bridges are permanent solutions that bond the natural teeth to the pontics, preventing them from being removed. These bridges commonly consist of materials like porcelain, gold and other alloys. There must be healthy teeth on either side to receive dental bridges, which will ensure that the device has strong attachment points to secure it.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

While missing a tooth may seem like a minor problem, it can lead to more severe issues without the proper care. Receiving treatment from a dental bridge specialist will fill in the space, restoring your former appearance and allowing you to speak and eat normally.

Some benefits of dental bridge work include:

  • Enhancing your smile.
  • Improving your chewing and speaking.
  • Preventing other teeth from moving.
  • Maintaining the normal structure of your face.

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