Family Dentistry of New Jersey (FDNJ) provides a comprehensive list of dental care services to help patients achieve healthier smiles and live longer lives. Among these services is cavity fillings. This treatment involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling the area with a replacement material. This common dental care treatment helps reduce pain caused by cavities, prevent further decay, reinforce the tooth and restore full functionality.

The team at FDNJ is trained to handle cavity fillings efficiently and effectively with minimal discomfort to our patients. Learn more about our services and the types of fillings available below. If you need a filling application or replacement, don't wait - scheduling a cavity filling soon can help prevent further damage and decay.


Types of Tooth Fillings

There are many different types of material used for dental fillings. One common filling type is an amalgam made from a mixture of copper, tin, silver, and mercury as approved by the American Dental Association. A less common variation features cast gold for a non-corrosive alternative.

The most widely used filling type is a composite filling made from tooth-colored microparticles that a dentist can bond to teeth. The variety of shade options makes this filling type popular, as we can customize it to match your tooth's color for an aesthetically-pleasing finish. Composite fillings are often used on the front teeth to minimize any impact on the patient's appearance.

Indirect vs. Direct Fillings

Fillings can be either direct or indirect. We apply direct fillings to a prepared cavity during one visit. Indirect fillings, which include inlays and fabricated veneers, take place over multiple visits. At FDNJ, your dentist will discuss your filling options and answer any questions to help you choose the right type of filling.

Reasons to Replace a Dental Filling

If you already have fillings in your mouth, you may require dental services to repair or replace them. While some fillings last longer than others, there is a shelf life for all of them, requiring top-up care after a certain number of years. Visit FDNJ in Howell for dental filling replacements for any of the following reasons:

  • Decay: Once the filling material begins to break down, your tooth can begin to decay or become infected. If you experience any pain or troubling symptoms or are reaching the number of years recommended to you by your dentist, schedule a checkup.
  • Looseness: Fillings can become loose because of wear and tear, an accident or something as simple as a badly placed bite. Schedule an appointment if you think your seal may have come loose.
  • Pain: While some sensitivity is normal for days or weeks following a filling placement, you should get a lingering pain checked out as there may be an issue with the shape or placement.
  • Poor aesthetics: Dental technology is advancing all the time, with many improvements in recent years. If your filling is old or discolored, you may wish to replace a filling with a new one that better matches your teeth.


Why Come to Family Dentistry of New Jersey?

FDNJ is a patient-centric dental clinic in Howell, NJ. We've been voted one of NJ's Top Dentists by other New Jersey dentists, a title that speaks to our commitment to quality care and excellent specialists. Our team is comprised of specialty-trained dentists who seek to offer long-lasting results to the whole family, from young children to grandparents.

Whether you need preventive checkups or care for your cavities, FDNJ is here to help. Our dedication to helping patients experience healthier lives and newfound confidence starts with our scheduling and continues through every step of the process. We offer appointments on the weekends to facilitate families with busy schedules. We'll answer your questions thoughtfully, walk you through what to expect, discuss all treatment options and ensure you feel comfortable and confident in every decision.

For those who don't carry dental insurance, we're here to help. Lack of insurance shouldn't stop you from getting the dental services you need. We have financing options available for your appointment. Don't allow your financial concerns to be an obstacle to receiving the care you deserve.

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