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We provide a wide range of dental treatments in our office, including cosmetic, restorative, & emergency procedures. We also handle six-month cleanings, exams, and basic oral care. We can teach children better brushing habits and work with adults to find ways to improve their smiles, such as tooth bonding or whitening.

When you visit our office, you may come for a checkup and discover you need a crown or care for a damaged tooth. We discuss your options and put you at ease. We have experience with many treatments so you can feel confident we know what we're doing.


For Adults and Children

Cosmetic Services

Dental Veneers, Bonding, and Whitening


Clear Braces

Gum Disease

Treatment of Gingivitis

Teeth Whitening

Get a Brighter Smile


Restore Damaged Teeth


Restore Teeth with Cavities

Root Canals

Save Damaged Teeth

Invisalign Teen

Clear Braces for Teens

Dental Implants

Tooth Replacements


Replacement for No Teeth

Mouth Guards

TMJ, Bruxism, Sports Guards

Dental Emergencies

Pain, Broken Teeth


What Dental Care Does Your Office Offer?

You can receive a range of services at our office, including:

  • Restorative care: Teeth can break down as you age due to improper care, trauma or even genetics. Getting immediate care through a root canal, crown to restore damaged teeth or dental implants to replace teeth, can preserve the health of your mouth in the moment and into the future. Tooth fillings also ensure damaging bacteria don't harm any more of the tooth.
  • Preventative care: Kids and adults benefit from regular six-month checkups at our Howell, NJ-area office. We clean your teeth and perform X-rays to create a baseline for how your teeth look and function. We can detect any changes going forward and keep an eye on possible cavities or jaw misalignments to see how they progress over time.
  • Cosmetic care: Whether you want whiter teeth or replace missing ones, we can provide cosmetic services that give you more confidence in your smile. We perform the procedures in our office, some requiring just one visit, that can lead to changes in your mouth's appearance. Veneers and bonding are great choices to give your teeth a natural-looking adjustment.
  • Teeth straightening: Many of our patients have used Invisalign to straighten their teeth through clear braces. We help adults and teens with this treatment, which works faster than traditional braces and is less noticeable.
  • Sports preventative care: Do you have a child who plays a contact sport? We make mouthguards to keep their teeth safe during practices and games.

We also offer treatment for issues such as TMJ, addressing underlying problems such as bruxism that can lead to the condition. Our dentists can fashion dentures for those who have multiple teeth with serious decay or breakage.

Choose Family Dentistry of New Jersey for Your Dental Care

Our practice puts patients first. Our services and office structure is based on satisfying our patients' needs. You are the focus of everything we do. We look out for you through specialized offerings, such as:

  • Financial assistance: Lack of insurance should never stand in the way of getting the dental treatment you need to protect your health. We offer payment plans, in office, interest-free financial, and options like Care Credit to assist you in addressing any of your financial concerns.
  • Emergency service: When you break a tooth or knock out a crown, you need help right away. Our emergency services allow you to get same-day appointments at our office to take care of the issue.
  • Periodontic care: We know how critical proper gum care is to long-term oral health. Dr. Samantha Aaron, our periodontist, can assist you with gum care and treatment of gingivitis.
  • Prosthodontic dentistry: Consultation with prosthodontist, Dr. James Courey can help you solve a complicated dental dilemma, like multiple missing teeth or failing old restorations.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Are you a resident of Ramtown or Howell, NJ, and ready to set up an appointment? Reach out to us today to set a time. Use our online appointment request system, or contact us or call us at 732-458-2288 to discuss what you need.


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