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    Dentures are an excellent way to replace missing teeth and improve your smile. However, you sometimes need more support than traditional options. In these cases, implant-retained dentures from Family Dentistry of New Jersey (FDNJ) may be your best solution. Contact our team today and get on track with your smile.

    There is an answer to your problem. We are one of the dentists that accept patients with no insurance in the Howell, NJ area. Book an appointment with us today whether you have insurance or not. Our rates are reasonable and line up with team’s experience and education levels. Our dental staff is trained to assist you with your insurance questions, and they can set up financing plans for you. They can also address questions about maximizing your out-of-network benefits if you have insurance, but we are not in your network.



    Are Implant-Retained Dentures Right for You?

    Implant-retained dentures use many of the same materials as traditional dentures but have the added benefit of an implant structure that will increase the stability and longevity of your new teeth. The implants will also give your restored smile a more natural appearance than traditional dentures by creating a better fit with adjacent teeth and gums. Consider implant-retained dentures if you experience:

    • Tooth loss
    • Failing teeth
    • Decaying teeth
    • Tooth cracks or splits

    About Our Service

    At FDNJ, we commit to providing you with state-of-the-art dental implant technology so you can have a beautiful, healthy smile you'll love. Creating and placing your implant-retained dentures involves four steps:

    1. Construct the implant and dentures: We will first measure your jaw to determine the necessary implant size. Then, we'll ensure your dentures are custom-fit for your mouth and teeth.
    2. Complete surgery: A dental surgeon will anchor two to six implant posts in your jawbone and allow your tissues to heal. After surgery, you will receive temporary dentures to protect the healing site and your aesthetic until your final denture is ready for placement.
    3. Fit the dentures: You can expect a seamless, comfortable fit with implant-retained dentures. The dentures simply connect to the posts without needing adhesives or messy glues.
    4. Enjoy the results: After receiving your implant-retained dentures, you can enjoy the results of your new teeth for years to come.

    The Implant-Retained Denture Advantage

    Implant-retained dentures give you the smile you've always wanted, plus several other benefits:

    • Enjoy a secure fit: With implanted dentures, you get the confidence of a more secure fit than removable dentures, which may slide or slip out of place.
    • Eat what you want: Implant-retained dentures feel like natural teeth and can be worn 24 hours a day, so you can keep them in when eating well-rounded meals or snacks.
    • Flaunt a more natural appearance: Since they're carefully color-matched and adhered below the gum line, your new dentures will remain indistinguishable from natural teeth.
    • Prevent bone loss: By replacing your missing teeth with implant-retained dentures, you can maintain your facial structure, prevent bone loss and preserve the appearance of your smile.

    Contact Us Today to Request an Appointment

    Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting smile that will make you feel confident in every circumstance. We know that when you have a tooth problem, you want it fixed as soon as possible. That's why we've remained committed to providing 100% patient-centric services for over 30 years.

    If you're ready to take the next step in improving your oral health, we can help. Whether it's reducing your discomfort and restoring your confidence or achieving a beautiful, long-lasting smile with implant-retained dentures, our New Jersey-based dentists and implant specialists are here to make it happen. Request an appointment today or call 732-458-2288 for more information!


    Healthy Smiles Value Plan