Healthy Smiles Value Plan

    Dental Payment Plans at Our Howell, NJ Office

    People without dental insurance often avoid visiting the dentist for

    Dental Insurance costs

    fear of having to pay large bills. This becomes a problem over time because everyone needs dental care. If you don't get regular check-ups, your teeth may develop plaque and tartar buildup. When you

    skip the dentist when you have a toothache, a cavity can develop into something much more serious, such as an abscess that requires a root canal.

    The most important information that we can provide you is understanding how to make your dental treatment affordable. We have thousands of patients and we do our very best to know and maximize everyone's insurance. We file claims to all dental plans that allow you to choose your own dentist. Our team is in a partnership with you and your health, not insurance companies, which allows us to provide optimal treatment, quality materials, state-of-the-art technology, and a well trained team to take care of all your dental needs. We value you as a patient and we never want insurance to dictate the type of treatment that you need & want to receive. We are always on your side and want the relationship with you, your doctor, our team and your insurance company to be a great one!

    Learn More About Our Value Plan

    There is an answer to your problem. We are one of the dentists that accept patients with no insurance in the Howell, NJ area. Book an appointment with us today whether you have insurance or not. Our rates are reasonable and line up with team’s experience and education levels. Our dental staff is trained to assist you with your insurance questions, and they can set up financing plans for you. They can also address questions about maximizing your out-of-network benefits if you have insurance, but we are not in your network.

    No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

    Our practice believes everyone should have access to dental care regardless if you have dental insurance or not. To better serve people who do not have dental insurance, we have developed an in-office Healthy Smiles Value Plan that includes cleanings, xrays, and exams, discounts on all treatments and services with No Premiums, NO Deductibles and NO MaximumsTalk to us today to see if this solution may be right for you and your family.

    Payment Options

    As a patient-first practice, we accept many forms of payment in our quest to provide you with the most thorough dental care. Our options include:

    • Debit and credit cards, cash and checks: You can pay for your services immediately at your appointment.
    • Financing for more extensive treatmentsCare Credit, a provider of affordable personal loans, can assist with financing larger procedures such as dental implants or dentures.
    • Interest-free in-office payment plans: Before you undergo a procedure, ask our staff about our in-office plans, which we do not charge interest on.
    • Special discounts for veterans and seniors: We value our seniors and veterans, and we offer discounts to them on our services.

    Healthy Smiles Value Plan

    No Insurance? No Problem. Check out our free Value Plan download below.

    Healthy Smiles Value Plan

    Contact Us Today to Discuss Our Dental Payment Plans

    We never want a lack of insurance to stand in your way of getting top-notch dental care. When you come to Family Dentistry of New Jersey, we treat you like family, and we want our family to get the best possible treatment. Tell us your financial concerns, and we will work together to solve them. Contact us today to learn more about our dental payment plans.


    Healthy Smiles Value Plan