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    If you're considering dental implants, you should understand the costs involved. These costs may vary between patients because no two cases are alike. Learn more about the factors impacting the price of a tooth implant below or schedule your implant appointment now.

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    What Is Included in a Dental Implant Tooth Replacement?

    Two components are involved in dental tooth replacements:

    • Surgical replacement (replaces the tooth root): This can be done at our dental office or in an oral surgeon's office and costs approximately $1,800 to $2,500 per implant.
    • Implant restoration (replaces the tooth): At least three months after the implant is placed, this is fabricated and restored for about $2,000 to $5,000 per implant crown.

    In most cases, the dental implant restoration costs include an abutment and an implant crown. An abutment is what connects your artificial tooth or prosthesis to the implant. The metal part serves as the foundation of your implanted crown. The fees for this implant crown restoration can vary significantly depending on the individual's needs and the tooth being replaced.

    What Does Dental Tooth Replacement Involve?

    Several other factors impact your treatment cost. These include:

    • Materials: Your implants can be titanium or ceramic, which influences the total cost.
    • Preparatory procedures: It will cost more if you need procedures to prepare for the implantation, like tooth extraction, bone grafting or a sinus lift.
    • Doctor's experience: The doctor's level of experience and expertise affects the cost.
    • Lab costs: Labs craft the abutments and crowns. Reputable labs use high-quality materials, which impacts the price.

    What Determines the Cost of a Dental Implant?

    The best way to determine an implant's cost is to schedule a diagnostic appointment, where your dentist will conduct a thorough assessment and choose the best course of action. The typical treatment includes a:

    • First appointment: You will receive a comprehensive exam of your mouth, including 3D imaging.
    • Second appointment: The implant will be placed into your jawbone.
    • Third appointment: After three months, you can get impressions for your final restoration.
    • Final appointment: The permanent crown will be placed.

    How Much Does It Cost for a Tooth Implant vs. a Bridge?

    Price is an important consideration when deciding which tooth replacement option is best for you. Below, we will discuss the difference in cost between these options to help inform your decision.

    What Costs Less, a Bridge or an Implant?

    A straightforward implant surgery with an abutment and crown may cost about $5,400, and a bridge with two abutment crowns and an artificial tooth is about $4,300. While the bridge is $1,100 less, there are reasons for the cost difference as well as significant long term benefits of implants vs bridges, including:

    • Complexity: An implant solves a one-tooth problem with a one tooth solution. A bridge involves preparing at least two teeth to hold a fake tooth between them to replace a missing tooth.
    • Life span: A bridge is vulnerable to breaking and must be replaced within five to 10 years.  Bridges are also vulnerable to decay as they are not as easily cleanable as individual teeth.
    • Preparation: The surrounding teeth that hold the bridge will need to be prepared for crowns to support the artificial tooth making them more vulnerable, which can result in future root canals and/or catastrophic failure of the bridge.
    • Durability: An implant is more durable than a bridge, which may require expensive restorative measures due to bone loss or periodontal disease.

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