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Dr. Neal Hammer, DDS, FAAP

Diplomat Of American Board Of Pediatric Dentistry

Specialty Permit # 2388

Specializing in a gentle dental & orthodontic practice for Children, Adolescent and Special Needs Patients

Over thirty years, Dr. Neal Hammer opened his private practice specializing in pediatric dentistry in New Jersey. He was a Dean's List graduate of the University of Rochester, with a BA in biology and continued his education at Columbia University's School of Dental and Oral Surgery. After graduating summa cum laude (ranking number 2 in his class), Dr. Hammer continued his training at Columbia, earning his certificate of training in pediatric dentistry and became board certified in his specialty in 1983. He has been an assistant professor at Columbia, the director of the residency program at Centrastate Medical Center and a past president of the New Jersey Society of Dentistry for Children.

He continues to maintain and upgrade his clinical skills and knowledge by attending numerous educational seminars and meetings each year. In addition, Dr. Hammer lectures nationally on a variety of topics including Pediatric Dentistry, Trauma, and Esthetics. He has also been selected as one of New Jersey Monthly’s Top Pediatric Dentists.

Juggling his time has become a fine art for Dr. Hammer. He is committed to spending time with his family: his wife Lois, older daughter Jessica, her husband Evan and his granddaughters Zoe & Sadie, and younger daughter Marly and her husband Theo. Dr. Hammer and Lois also enjoy spending time with their labradoodle Izzy.

Equally committed to maintaining his own mental and physical health, he is a hard core mountain biker, sculptor, photographer, kayaker, and loves reading (especially good science fiction). He is fortunate not to require a lot of sleep. However, his main passion is children's dentistry and he is dedicated to "Creating the next generation of dental patients-children who love going to the dentist."